Fitness Tracker, Mpow Heart Rate Monitor Tracker Smart Bracelet Activity Tracker Bluetooth Pedometer.

Had one of these myself for almost 1 years until I redesigned. Additionally purchased my Dad one Christmas 2018 and he is satisfied with it. Gotten one of these for sweetheart Valentine's Day 2018 (1 years back today) and it kept going her up until

the tie snapped the previous evening. Such a splendid watch. Easy to set up. Precise and great quality. Kept its charge for a decent 10 days. She was vexed when the tie broke as she has had it so long. So I got her the fresher model of this for Valentine's Day 2019 (today ☺️) and she adores it. Love these watches and I cherish this organization. I have purchased Mpow items, for example, the well-known sun based lights before and I can't blame them. Splendid organization and magnificent administration each time.

Track Daily Activities, Set a Sport Goal

Track steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned. You can also set an exercise goal in the app

Simply open the 'Sedentary Alert' in the app, this smart bracelet will vibrate to remind you to move if you stay at your seat for a long time.

Find Your Phone Quickly

You are about to go out, but you can not find your cell phone! Do not worry! Simply long press the “Find Phone” icon on the screen. Your phone will vibrate or send out audible sound signal. ( Attention: please open the Find Phone function in the app.)

Anti-lost Function When your smart phone is beyond the Bluetooth range (no more than 5m), the smart wristband will vibrate to alert. (Attention: please open the Anti-lost Alert function in the app)

About the Product:

  • CPU: Nordic nRF51822
  • Sensor: kx022-1020
  • Support Monitor Heart Rate(HR): Yes
  • Standby Time: up to 5-7 days
  • Display Screen: OLED
  • Battery: built-in rechargeable lithium battery
  • Data Sync: Bluetooth 4.0
  • Waterproof: This bracelet is not waterproof, please do not take it to swim or shower.
  • In general, I like it, at any rate, subsequent to having utilized it for the principal week. It is most fascinating diagramming my rest and unquestionably seems to be precise enrolling what number of steps I take amid the day, as I checked it against another pedometer. It looks brilliant also and is a great incentive for the cash, thinks about against comparative items available.

    Notwithstanding, there are a few negatives, the vast majority of which are because of individual inclination, however which impacted the number of stars. The most critical one is the extent of the sort on the guidance manual. For the individuals who don't continue amplifying glasses near hand, dear god. I have bifocals and it took me more than 30 minutes just to get the thing adjusted with my iPhone and fully operational, and I even wound up Googling for help. It likewise appears to require some investment in the mornings to begin demonstrating the readings for development. I can check them on my telephone, however, for reasons unknown, the tracker itself appears to be extremely moderate in demonstrating the information itself. Not exactly beyond any doubt what is happening there. The lash is hard to change, especially for individuals who may have joint pain and I locate the elastic material awkward on my skin. Additionally, every time I turn over in bed around evening time or even move my arm much while nodding off, the light goes ahead and it is BRIGHT.

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