Stealth Core Trainer Professional, Get Ripped Abs and Healthy Back, Dynamic Ab Plank Workout Playing Video Games On Smartphone, Interactive Fitness Board Powered by Gameplay Technology

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I was debating on ordering stealth because it is a lot of money but my roommate and I split the cost and we share it. I watched a lot of videos on Instagram of people saying how hard it is and how much they enjoy it... I figured I'd get a few minutes before I would tap out. The first time I used it after 40 seconds, I started to sweat and could feel my abdominal muscles really struggling. I was SHOCKED at how intense of a workout it really is. I figure a 10-15 minute road bike ride is the same as 1 minute on Stealth.
I hate going to the gym. I have actually stopped going to the gym. I use Stealth in the morning for a few minutes before taking a shower to get a great workout. It doesn't add an hour to my daily routine, it adds 5 minutes.

Product Description:

  • Dynamic 360° Motion
  • Supports up to 400 lb user
  • Antimicrobial support pad made from energy-return foam for ultimate comfort and easy maintenance
  • Delrin components - a space age polymer as strong as steel
  • Patented Fluidity Sphere for ultra smooth movement
  • 100% manufactured and assembled by hand
  • Approved for heavy, commercial use in gyms and studios
  • Made in USA


STEALTH is a revolutionary way to train your abs. The secret is Gameplay Technology. You focus on playing the game and scoring points, while your core and ab muscles become the "joystick" to control the movements of the game. The result is a challenging, dynamic plank workout that is fun and highly effective. No more boring planks. You focus on scoring points and climbing the worldwide leaderboard.


Stealth develops core strength to help improve your fitness, yoga, and sports training such as golf, tennis, baseball, football, and basketball while reducing your risk of low back injuries. Stealth motivates both kids and adults to get off the couch and onto the Stealth for some family competition!

The Stealth Core Trainer makes planking fun by playing games and exercising at the same time. The Stealth app is available for both iOS and Android devices. The Stealth Core Trainer fits any size smartphone.


iOS Requirements: OS: iOS version 7 and above Hardware: iPhone 5s and better

Android Requirements: OS: Android 6 and above Hardware: Samsung Note 4 and better (accelerometer & gyroscope required)

There are two components to this review and combined they give a 4 star rating.

First: the hardware. It’s good. I have the pro model and it seems sturdy, well built and solid. The padding on it is thick and sturdy. The ball joint roles freely and this thing provides a HELL of a workout.

My only real complaint: the emails you get when you order this. There’s a bunch of them and they’re all very cutesy about how the Stealth is “flying to an airport near you” and “your stealth has landed and will be placed on a box” etc. It’s overkill and I, personally, found it annoying.

There’s even a link to a video about how to unbox it. You know, in case you’ve never opened a box before?

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